A Morning with John Brolly

8th February 2017

John Brolly visited our school and performed Tempest in a Teacup. He used a giant teacup from a fairground ride as the main prop which was meant to be a boat.

John played most of the characters with the exception of Miranda who was played by a giant spoon (with a wig!) and Niamh who John got to play Ariel.  He got the children involved by getting them to do sound effects, responses to certain characters (‘Ooh la la’ every time Miranda was mentioned!) and playing the parts of extras. We couldn't believe nearly an hour and a half of storytelling had gone by - the children were spellbound.

Afterwards, John did a Q and A session for the children who asked some really interesting questions. John left them with the thought - if you can't do something, it just means you haven't practised enough yet. Maybe we should stick that up in the classroom ...