Coverack are Cross Country Champions!

15th March 2017

Cross Country End of Season Report from Mrs Brown

Well we have finally made it to the end of the Keskowethyans X-Country League. It has been a long, yet super season. Amazing attitudes, sensational sportsmanship and desperate determination have been displayed over the 5 events. It was great to see 27 runners at St. Keverne!

Special thanks to the parents, who have marshalled, collected scores, transported and cheered the children on to make the league a success.

Congratulations to all of the children who have taken part.

Endurance medals

Overall 18 were achieved for those children participating in 4 or more runs.

Year Group Winners:

Year 3  Lilly (Grade Ruan) & Andreas (Grade Ruan)

Year 4 Merry (St Keverne) & William ( Coverack)

Year 5 Richard (Grade Ruan) & Thalia (Grade Ruan)

Year 6 Lily (Coverack) & Henry (Coverack)

Special trophies

Congratulations to Merry and Lily who gained the maximum 400 points across 4 races.


Grade Ruan Most points

Coverack Most weighted points (takes into account number of pupils at school)

Well done everyone. Hope you had fun!

Mrs Brown

We are indebted to Mrs Brown for organising Keskowethyans Cross Country Season - the logistics of fitting in with school timetables, other cross country leagues and the weather have been as challenging as ever but Mrs Brown's cheerful determination has conquered all.  She organises, cheers, photographs and reports - her energy is phenomenal and all our runners, staff and parents send her huge thanks!