Coverack School Goes to the Minack

20th March 2017
To celebrate Shakespeare Week, the whole school visited the Minack Theatre for a workshop on Twelfth Night.  
As we travelled over to West Penwith in two minibuses it seemed like the weather was going to stop us having a wonderful day - not at all!  The team at the Minack Theatre are well-prepared for all eventualities so for the first half of our visit we explored the backstage areas that the audience never get to see - we saw the changing rooms, the rehearsal spaces, the shower and loos, the balcony that the performers can look out over the sea from - so  much space that you can't see is there from sitting where the audience sit.  We learned how Rowena Cade and friends built this incredible theatre over many years.
As it was time to do our workshop the rain stopped so we were able to use the iconic stage to perform our version of Twelfth Night.  
Charlotte said "They had a really nice view and could see the basking sharks and dolphins sometimes."
William said "It was amazing.  The behind the scenes bit looked like a bunker and an interesting fact is that there are 700 seats."
Thank you to everyone at the Minack Theatre for a great day!  (And we were very pleased to overlap with our friends from St Martin-in-Meneage Primary School!)