Mohegan on a Great Art Quest

15th November 2016

On Tuesday, Mohegan went to Falmouth Art Gallery for their second visit as part of the Great Art Quest.  On the first visit we were with Tony - we walked around the gallery and sketched some of the paintings, which we transferred to A4 foam which we then made prints from.  On the second visit we were working with Jo - we had a getting to know you session, some story planning based on a huge surreal painting called The Lost City and some dancing as if we were in the painting!  Tony and Jo are going to come in to school and work with us soon.


All five schools in the Keskowethyans MAT were lucky enough to have been selected to be part of the Great Art Quest, a UK-wide arts project that introduces young people to their local gallery and workshops with an artist and a storyteller.  We are extremely fortunate to  have been included as only 16 schools across the UK are picked each year.  


Click here to read more about the Great Art Quest on the Children & The Arts webpage.