Pupil Premium - extra funding for your child!

In each of our schools we now have a significant number of pupils who qualify for this funding, which is currently £1300 per child. This money goes directly to the pupil’s school and is used to target the needs of that child.  The impact of our pupil premium programme is monitored closely and I am pleased to report that it is having a very positive effect on the progress of the children concerned.


Here are just a few of the things this very welcome funding has enabled us to provide this year:


  •  Extra one-to-one teaching time delivering a series of personally tailored and  tightly targeted ‘catch up’ sessions in areas such as phonics, reading, writing and maths. 
  •  Extra classroom resources designed to support and enhance learning and boost self-confidence eg. maths equipment, poetry & music resources, personalised reading books targeting specific pupils’ interests.
  •  Extra out-of-school hours swimming and music lessons.
  •  Forest Schools sessions, nurture group and problem solving groups/activities that build self-esteem and resilience.
  •  Payment for school camp.

We are sure there are more children who could benefit from this funding! If you think your child might qualify, click here for more information.  Qualifying also provides the opportunity for free school meals for pupils in Years 3 to 6.  Remember, whilst all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 can now automatically have a free school meal this does NOT mean these children automatically get pupil premium funding – you still need to apply. 


We are very keen to ensure that all children entitled to pupil premium, actually get it.  Mr. Harman and Mrs Sherlock are more than happy to answer any questions and support applying for the funding.


Click here to apply for Pupil Premium online through Cornwall Council.