Silk Flag Making

20th September 2016

We were very lucky to have Sharon Verry, a local textiles artist, working with the children in this week, for the culmination of the Flag Making Workshops that the children enjoyed last week.  From the preliminary sketches the children did around Coverack last week, they each chose one sketch from which to make their own, individual flag.  The sketch was enlarged, covered  first with clingfilm and then with a piece of silk fabric.  The children then used a special wax tool to outline the sketch on to the silk.  When the wax had dried, the children added drops of coloured dye with a paintbush which spread gently up to the wax edges. 

In the afternoon, the children repeated the process using all of their sketches on to two large pieces of silk which are now a beautiful combination of colours and images.  The flags will be in school in term time for the school to use and Coverack Space 2000 will use them in the holidays for their activities.

Thank you to Coverack Space 2000 for co-ordinating and huge thanks to The Bay Hotel for sponsoring the whole activity.  Thank you to Sharon for her skills and enthusiasm and to Caroline Beadle for organising it all.