Visit to Nexus at Camborne Science and International Academy

17th January 2017
On Tuesday we went to Nexus - the STEM centre attached to Camborne Science and International Academy - for a day of STEM workshops.
When we arrived at the new and very impressive building, we split into KS1 and KS2. Mohegan Class learnt about how the heart functions and how to keep it healthy by examining lambs' hearts and Primrose Class learnt about different classifications of animals - what they eat, how they move, how they live etc. and had the chance to look at different animal skeletons. Then all the Coverack children got together for a bubble workshop - they got the chance to blow GIANT bubbles and learnt, in some depth, about the structure of bubbles – ask them to tell you what they learnt!
After lunch the children got to experiment with different smart materials to see how they change in response to heat or light. I think the children’s faces say it all in terms of how much they enjoyed their day and how engaged they were in all the activities. A huge thank you to Jo Foster for organising it all for us – a truly inspiring day!