Y3-6 Visit the Maritime Museum

14th November 2016

Mohegan Class visited the Maritime Museum on Monday.  We started off going up into a learning room near the top of the maritime museum - it had very good views of the harbour.  We had an activity of looking at Viking clothes - Brooke, Niamh, Henry and Jack got to dress up in Viking dress - two rich people and two poor people - who had real knives, swords and an axe!  We learned how the villages were laid out , with defensive towers around the edge and a main hall for the chief in the centre.  Vikings had slaves that they captured - Anglo-Saxons from England were taken as slaves!  The slaves weren’t allowed weapons in case they tried to escape. 

We made some coins from a a zinc plate, the size of a penny.  We put this in a metal sleeve and then put the press on top and then hit it, just once, with a big hammer.  Each child got to make their own and take it home. 

There was a replica Viking cargo ship and a small rowing boat that was made by Falmouth Marine School. - they used 3D imagery to make it and rowed from Falmouth Marine School to the Maritime Museum for it to be installed!

We also did some role play of traders - Henry was from the Middle East and brought spices and transparent glass to trade, Lily was a Viking and brought axe heads and cows horns. 

It was a brilliant day!  Thank you to both the Pams, Seth and Mick for the really interesting day.  We want to go back and see it all again!