Mohegan Class - Years 3 - 6

Mohegan Class, Years 3, 4 5, and 6 is taught by Mrs.Lorraine Brown and Miss Emily.


We love our upstairs classroom and are very proud of the work we do in it.


We are very lucky to have access to a large number of computers which helps us with our day to day learning. 



During this half term we have been working with cardboard. We used our prior learning to make cardboard nets, using scoring and cutting skills to create our advent calendar. 

Our value is RESPECT so inside each box is an act of kindness which helps us to think about how we can show each other respect.
Nadelick Lowen
We have been thinking of how the weather and surroundings reflect the mood.
Here are 2 examples.
We have been looking closely at using emotive language in our writing. Please read 2 examples from our class.
Look at our amazing Stone Age homework.
We created some wonderful stone age art work. We made our own paint and experimented with texture.
Meg and Peter visited us to show us their amazing flints and other artefacts. We tried to decide what they may have been used for. Here are some of the questions we asked Meg and Peter:

How long have you been an archaeologist for?  

How do you know what time period the artefact is from?

What is your rarest find?

Why do you like being an archaeologist?

What eras do the artefacts you have brought into today come from?

Where did you find the artefacts?

What year did you discover the artefacts?

What is your most delicate find?

Have you ever found bones or fossils?

What inspired you to become an archaeologist?

How far do you dig?

What is your oldest find?

What is something you wish to discover?

Here we are practising our music skills, following a unit studying notation. Great concentration!