Mohegan Class

Spellings for Summer 1 - Please find below spellings, these are also are available to practice on Spelling Shed - let Mrs Turner know if your child does not have their log in.

Carry on with the White Rose maths for your child's year group (or the one you have been advised to use). If you are experiencing any difficulty with this please let Mrs Turner know.


We have been signed up to Fiction Express which is an interactive online reading programme. I would recommend that you have a look at the tutorial -

The children get a chapter a week to read and there lots of levels to choose from. They then have an online quiz about the chapter. I especially like that a large number of words are highlighted and there is an interactive glossary explaining their meaning.

Mrs Peters has sent log in details.



When this is all over, use the powerpoint to gather ideas and then write a poem. Remember to use the devices you know - noun phrases, figurative language. Please let me see them when they are done. See the powerpoint below. Look here to find 'What a good one looks like' It gives ideas on language and the way the poem should be set out.



Normally I would teach science as a topic but that is tricky without the resources and opportunity for class discussions that we use to add interest. I am adding some science ideas and I would like the children to use their scientific enquiry skills to record what they have done. each investigation should begin with a prediction about what you think will happen and why if you are able to explain. Careful observation is needed to see what happens and careful recording - in whatever way the child wishes (drawings, tables etc.)

Art Activity - Start with Footprints