The following information shows the attainment of Coverack pupils at the end of the 2016/17 academic year. This has been compared to the national average, however it should be noted that, due to the small number of pupils in some of our cohorts, this comparison may not be statistically meaningful.

Children in their Reception Year [EYFS] are assessed through the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. A good level of development indicates that a child is developing at the expected standard or exceeding the expected standard in the key areas of literacy, maths, physical development, communication and language and personal, social and emotional development.

Children in Year 1 have a phonics screening test in June to check on their progress.

Key Stage 1 - Year 2 Pupils - teachers are required to assess each child in May and the National Curriculum assessment tests [SATs] are used to support teachers' judgements.

Key Stage 2 - Year 6 Pupils - children in Year 6 are also assessed on their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum. The results of the KS2 SATs are reported using a scaled score, where 100 represents the expected standard. The highest possible score is 120 and the lowest 80.

All details of individual pupils’ test results and assessments are sent out with the end of term reports. Parents and carers have the opportunity to discuss results or any other issues highlighted by the reports before the end of term.

The following codes are used to describe pupils' performance:   GLD - good level of development; WTS –working towards the expected standard; EXS – working at the expected standard; GDS – working at greater depth than the expected standard; GPS - grammar, punctuation and spelling.



[Codes: WTS –working towards the standard; EXS – expected standard; GDS – greater depth than the standard]


End of EYFS


3 pupils (3g)

1/3 [33%] achieved GLD; national: 70.7%                             


Y1 Phonics check


2 pupils [2g]

2/2 [100%] achieved; national:  81%




End of Y2


9 pupils [5b,4g]

READING:  6 Greater Depth Standard, 3 Expected Standard

National percentage of expected and above: 76%

WRITING:  4 Greater Depth Standard, 4 Expected Standard, 1 Working Towards Standards

National percentage of expected and above: 68%

MATHS:  2 Greater Depth Standard, 7 Expected Standard

National percentage of expected and above:75%


End of Y6


5 pupils [3b,2g]


5/5 [100%] achieved expected standard or higher; national: 71%


5/5 [100%] achieved expected standard or higher

national: 77%


5/5 [100%] achieved expected standard or higher; national: 75%


5/5 [100%] achieved expected standard or higher; National: 76%

Y2 to Y6 Progress Measure



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